An Untold Story

Nearly 70 years after the Holocaust, New York journalist Marisa Fox discovers her late mother had a secret identity and searches for the truth. A trip to Poland yields her elusive birth certificate revealing a name she's never heard before-Hela Hocherman. Then she finds her mother's name on a prisoners' list for a camp called Gabersdorf and in a hidden Holocaust diary in Yad Vashem, learns thousands of Polish Jewish girls from her hometown of Sosnowiec were trafficked to women's slave labor camps in Trautenau, Sudetenland (now Trutnov, Czech Republic), and locates the barbwire compound. She travels the globe for survivors who bear witness to her mother's unspeakable past and vows to break the silence and shame woven through generations. 

Marisa Fox has written for the New York Times, Haaretz, Elle, InStyle, O, New York, Newsday, the Los Angeles Times and many other publications. Follow her search @MyUndergroundMother